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I believe that kids should have some understanding of all religions, theyre key to. Upon arriving in nola, she learns that she is the greatgreatgranddaughter of famed voodoo priestess marie laveau. Learning about voodoo in new orleans homeschool group hug. This book gives an overview of new orleans voodoo, its origins, history, and practices. Vaudou louisianais, also known as new orleans voodoo. Its in louisiana that youll find grisgris, voodoo dolls, li grande. Michelle hirstius was born and raised in new orleans. Juju happens to be a special voodoo doll that marie the voodoo. Today grisgris dolls, potions and talismans are still found in stores and. The book had lots of background on new orleans, her history and the.

The new orleans voodoo handbook by kenaz filan, paperback. Voodoo season may be the second book in a trilogy, but its also great as a standalone book. Its well written for the time that the book was published, with an old time feeling in the way its written. Mardi gras world voodoo doll k4 good luck power money health prosper revenge spells magic new orleans. Explanations in a 1946 book said that five finger grass was a leaf split into. The paperback of the the new orleans voodoo handbook by kenaz. New orleans voodoo is also known as voodoo catholicism. Her grave in new orleans ranks among the most popular spiritual. Alvarado makes this clear from the very start saying hollywood and the media are the voodoo doll spellbook was written by denise alvarado, with foreword by dorothy morrison a dear friend who also ironically wrote the foreword for my book.

It is a religion connected to nature, spirits and ancestors. Neohoodoo is the 8 basic dances of 19th century new orleans place congo the calinda the bamboula the chacta the babouille the conjaille the juba the congo and the voodoo modernized into the philly dog, the hully gully, the funky chicken, the popcorn, the boogaloo and the dance of great american choreographer buddy bradley. History of new orleans voodoo new orleans visit new orleans. Since my recent visit to new orleans, i developed a small obsession with new orleans, voodoo and the voodoo queen marie leveaux. She was a free woman of color whom adopted children, fed the hungry and. Synonymous with new orleans, voodoo first came to louisiana with enslaved west africans, who merged their religious rituals and practices with those of the local catholic population. Her customers also came to her to buy voodoo dolls, potions, grisgris bags. He was a photographer who made a pioneering effort to understand the traditions of the mardi gras indians, the spiritualist churches of new orleans and the social aid and pleasure clubs in other words, the tap roots of africanamerican and creole culture in new orleans.

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